First live appearance in area for folk trio Scarecrow

Folk trio Scarecrow
Folk trio Scarecrow
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Scarecrow, Crookes Folk Club

This folk trio are making their first live forays into this area and will appear in Crookes tomorrow night.

Scarecrow were formed in late 2006. They are an acoustic band who play a vast diversity of songs and tunes on an assortment of instruments.

They say: “David is the natural leader of the band and has all the characteristics needed for the job – he’s got a car that the PA fits in.

“Rey is the theorist in the band; he plays bass guitar, sings, talks about flattened fifths and mixolydian minors all the time and reprimands the other members of the band during practices.

“He also plays flute and whistle and occasionally a recorder.

“He brings a classical influence to the band.

“Gordon is the guitarist and brings the jazz/blues side to the band and can claim that any mistake he makes is actually an obscure jazz chord.

“Having been a bass guitarist for many years, he is very sensitive about tempos, and strongly believes that if a song speeds up or slows down, it is always somebody else’s fault.

“The music will move from a traditional Shetland bagpipes tune, to a jazz classic, to a set of Irish whistle tunes, and back to a blues song, or an unusual arrangement of a well-known English folk song standard – always well crafted and arranged in a distinctive and individual style that is the trademark of Scarecrow.”

They sound like a jolly bunch, anyway.

Scarecrow will be playing at the club’s regular session in the Princess Royal in Slinn Street, Crookes.

Doors open at 8.15pm, the start time is 8.30pm and entry is free.