Festive soap gift for Harry

Gig: Dead Like Harry
Gig: Dead Like Harry
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MILLIONS of Hollyoaks fans up and down the country have also had a taste of Sheffield this past few weeks.

Dead Like Harry – Sheffield’s alt-rock country outfit – had their music on the famous soap.

And it wasn’t just a one-off, the band had six tracks on six different episodes.

But it wasn’t until the royalty cheque arrived that they realised their songs had appeared on one of the country’s most-watched programmes.

“We only found out when the PRS statement came through the post,” says guitarist Matt Taylor. “When someone uses a song they are not obliged to tell you as it’s the publishing company that deals with it.”

The programme featured tracks from the band’s second album, Know the Joy of Good Living, which they recorded at 2Fly Studios with producers Alan Smyth and Dave Sanderson.

The band helped Smyth build his bigger, better studio in exchange for recording time.

The band have released another album since then, the Art of Anticipation, which, given their recent successes after 10 years as a band, is an apt title.

But Dead Like Harry’s fans go beyond Channel Four drama, however – their records have been shipped to people from New York to Norway.

“I don’t know how they came across it, perhaps the songs were played on a radio station or something,” says Taylor.

The band are also preparing for their annual Christmas gig, which is getting bigger and more spectacular each year.

“When we started doing the Christmas gig we only played a few Christmas songs, and then that grew and now it includes a 25-minute medley of Christmas songs.”

And to crown the show, the band finish with a cover of The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York.

“We’re going to be handing out lyrics so that all the women in the audience join in for one half of the song and all the men the other half, which should be good,” says Taylor.

But there is one other requirement of the audience. “We are asking everybody to turn up in really bad Christmas jumpers – the person wearing the worst jumper gets to come on stage.”

Dead Like Harry play at the Greystones tomorrow.