Fans brave the rain to see Louis return home to South Yorkshire

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DOZENS of devoted fans waited in the rain to try to snatch a glimpse of pop icon Louis Tomlinson as he returned to his South Yorkshire family home for the first time since conquering America.

The 20-year-old singer, whose band One Direction topped the American charts with their album Up All Night, was back in Doncaster for a weekend after finally returning to England following a gruelling tour of America and Australia.

For the fans it was a chance to see their hero - but for his family in Bessacarr is was a chance to hug a relative some of them had not seen since January.

Mum Johannah said they had surprised his sisters with his visit to the borough.

He said: “They were excited - his youngest sister had not seen him since January and when he walked in she stood with her mouth open and her eyes wide.

“There were fans waiting out with travel blankets when it was chucking down with rain. There were families who had driven four hours, they were just fabulous.

“It’s quite funny really, but they are always really polite. He went out but he didn’t sign any autographs because it was so wet.”