Duo heading back to their roots of raw and gritty garage-rock after three years

The Bromheads Leadmill gig next week is the  penultimate one of their tour
The Bromheads Leadmill gig next week is the penultimate one of their tour
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BROMHEADS may have had a couple years off live performances and album releases, but that doesn’t mean to say the band have retreated to the background.

Instead, the duo have been refining the sound of their latest album which, contrarily, is anything but refined.

And now the band is ready to unleash its latest album, Chora - their first release in three years and one that marks a decided return to the band’s musical roots: raw, gritty, garage-rock.

“We’ve been a punk rock band since the word ‘go’ and at that time we were young and didn’t care about having any commercial ambitions. We started to move away from that with the newer songs but now we’ve gone back to how we were,” says Tim Hampton.

The new release has been met with much anticipation, as it’s been three-years since Bromheads released their last record.

But while the announcement of Chora seems out-of-the-blue, Hampton explains that the album was almost ready as far back as 18 months ago.

“We recorded the album at Ross Orton’s studio and then at my studio with us doing the mixing and producing. It was really good fun - even though we were under a load of pressure.”

And even after eight years of being in Bromheads, Hampton still thrives off the songwriting process. “Sitting down to write a song is one of my favourite things. And you can see whether a song is coming to life when you start to put the drums on it. Some songs just ‘happen’.”

One such song is the album’s single track, Gonna Let You Melt, which the duo wrote the day before going into the studio.

“We wrote that in about 20 minutes and I’m quite proud as it feels like that’s one of our better ones .

“When we were writing it we thought it was going to be good but then when Dan added the drums we were like ‘This is the best song’.”

Gonna Let You Melt is a socially-conscious number about pornography. “It’s about how people get addicted to porn,” says Hampton. “And how prevalent porn is in society.”

But other songs, such as Winnebago, take on a less serious tone. Winnebago was inspired by the David Lynch series Twin Peaks.

“That really got me in the gusset,” said Hampton. “I love the way the series is like a soap but mixed with all this paranormal stuff.

“I was really taken by that series so it became an inspiration for that song.”

Bromheads are celebrating the release of Chora with a full UK tour that kicks off this week.

“We haven’t played live for a while,” says Hampton, “so we want to have the set nailed before we take it on tour. But I don’t think too much about pressure.”

The duo will play in Sheffield next week at the Leadmill, which will be the penultimate show on the UK tour.

“It’s almost like starting again but it’s great to be back to our musical roots.”

And, in Bromheads’ case, those roots are honest, raucous, rock and roll.

Bromheads will play at the Leadmill on Thursday, April 25.