Doing it the Slow way

Slow Club 2011
Slow Club 2011
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Sheffield’s girl boy duo, Slow Club, are back for a special Sheffield show this weekend at Tramlines.

The performance, on the main stage at 5pm on Sunday, is the culmination of months of preparation.

And it’s hard graft that has enabled the band to remain a band since they started in 2007.

Guitarist Charles Watson attributes this longevity to the pair’s simplistic philosophy:

“We’re very lucky.

“We work hard but we’re not disappointed by things - it’s all happened quite quickly for us but it’s nice to be able to do something creative.

“It focuses the mind and allows you to have a collage of your life - we can look back over the last six or seven years through our albums and they remind us of how we were feeling at the time.

“It’s a bit like a photo album.”

They are now working on a third album, which has a working title of Complete Surrender.