Debbie Carlisle

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MOST street dance crews are more at home performing in clubs or specialised competitions, but for Diversity it’s all about big production values, spectacular effects – and massive venues.

Three years after winning Britain’s Got Talent the UK’s best-known street dance crew are celebrating their first full arena tour with a new bigger and better live show, Digitized.

The stage was literally set by a news broadcast which revealed all 11 members of Diversity had gone missing – then the story of their disappearance unfolded through gravity-defying dance moves and stunts on the specially-enlarged stage at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

To cut a two-hour dance story short, the group had been sucked into a video game with a series of levels they had to play before they could escape. In each level they encountered a series of special guests – including former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Paul Gbegbaje who accompanied the group on one of their best routines of the night, set to his hauntingly beautiful piano soundtrack.

There were familiar faces from the Sky show Got To Dance which Diversity leader Ashley Banjo judges – including Boadicea Ladies, Callum and Ling from Trinity Warriors, eight-year-old Theo McKenzie, the Mini King of Pop, and Doncaster acrobatic street dancer Chuck.

Diversity were on typically sharp form and every one of their special guests proved they deserved their space on the massive stage which showcased some of the best talents on the UK street dance scene.