Death From Above 1979 plugging welcome gap ahead of Sheffield gig tonight

Death From Above 1979, who play Sheffield's Plug tonight, are Jesse F Keeler, left, and Sebastien Grainger.
Death From Above 1979, who play Sheffield's Plug tonight, are Jesse F Keeler, left, and Sebastien Grainger.
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With their screeching bass and warrior drums, Death From Above 1979 have always known how to grab attention.

However, it’s been a long time since the Canadian duo have had any.

The bass/drum punk/ alt-rock two-piece burst onto the scene 10 years ago with their sexy, catchy, sleazy number Romantic Rights.

But the time wasn’t right for them. Back then, electro was gripping the nation and DFA’s visceral, unadulterated screams were simply too much for ears to palette at the time.

But fast forward 10 years, to a a music-loving audience sick of sterile studio wizardry and DFA have, at last, received the acclaim they deserve.

Tonight DFA play Plug, in Sheffield city centre, as part of a full UK tour in support of their latest album, the Physical World.

Drummer and singer Sebastien Grainger – one half of the band with bassist Jesse F Keeler – says: “It doesn’t feel like we’ve had a 10-year break – we were both working on other projects in that time anyway, but it does feel as if that time has evaporated.

“It took the best part of a year to get used to being in the band again but we’re now really comfortable with it.”

However, he is grateful for the comeback.

Sebastien says: “It feels like a real gift. To be able to come back to fans that are still there after all this time is amazing. We’re reunited with all our fans.”

DFA’s connection with their fan base is, according to the musician, down to a ‘connection’.

He says: “There is a connection with the audience and I think that comes naturally to us. There isn’t a lot of technology involved in what we do. But there are other artists that sound totally different on the radio to when they play live.”

DFA are not one of those bands. What you hear on the record is what you get, which bodes well, given the rave reviews following the release of the Physical World.

Death From Above 1979 play Plug, Matilda Street, Sheffield city centre, tonight. Support comes from Greys, doors open at 7pm and tickets are £15.