Britain’s Got Talent ‘let you down’, Jessica told by Cowell

Live semi-finalist: Jessica Hobson.
Live semi-finalist: Jessica Hobson.
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TALENTED teen Jessica Hobson broke down on Britain’s Got Talent after top judge Simon Cowell said the show did her wrong in the choice of song.

The 19-year-old put her own special jazzy spin on Beyoncé Knowles’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and was hoping to sing her way into the grand final.

She began a little nervous but looked beautiful in a stunning black sparkly dress as she sat down at a glossy baby grand piano and started the song more ballad-like, before getting to her feet for a rousing finale, with dancers.

But Cowell, who was distracted during his summing up when he was ‘attacked by a fly’, said he hated the dancers, the ‘dated’ version of the song and advised her that she should have sang on her own, without the ‘silly dress.’

He admitted that the talented performer had been ‘let down by the show.’

David Hasselhoff agreed .

It was all too much for Jessica and she sobbed while telling the judges ‘I didn’t choose what to sing.’

Jessica, the daughter of proud boxing promoter Dennis Hobson, impressed judges in the heat with her version of Billie Jean. But ahead of the live show she confessed to The Star that she was a bag of nerves and excitment. And the one she really wanted to impress was Cowell.

Judge Michael McIntyre told her he sensed her nerves but added: “I was really proud of you because you gave everything.”

Amanda Holden thought she did a ‘really good job’ but pointed out her ‘extraordinary’ nerves and said she needs to be ‘less rigid.’

Jai McDowall became the seventh contestant to soar through to the Britain’s Got Talent Final after his spine-tingling performance of Bring Me to Life wowed both the judges and the public in the fourth semi-final.

Comic singer Edward Reid and eccentric dancer Steven Hall were then left to face the judges as they each received the chance to earn the eighth place in Saturday’s final.

Stephen claimed the victory after receiving three votes from Amanda, Michael and Simon and will now perform again against Les Gibson, James Hobley, New Bounce, Jean Martyn, Ronan Parke and Paul Gbegbaje in the grand final on Saturday.