Brian Ferry on top form

Bryan Ferry
Bryan Ferry
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There’s always been an air of glamour surrounding Bryan Ferry, and now it’s percolating from his love of jazz.

In particular, it harks back to the Dixieland bands of the 20s and 30s, which explains the nostalgic and stylish start to proceedings on his latest tour, as his orchestra eases respectfully through Roxy Music classics such as Do The Strand and Avalon.

The tone changes during Reason Or Rhyme as orchestra becomes harnessed to rock band and the man himself, in floral smoking jacket, switches similarly between crooner and rock star.

The full house has been told to prepare for a mixed bag, and so it proves as the evening covers everything from Tin Pan Alley to traditional folk (Carrickfergus) and a burst of Charlie Parker to soul classics Shame, Shame, Shame and Hold On, I’m Coming.

Ferry’s homage to Dylan is especially affecting on Don’t Think Twice I’m Alright, which is pared down to voice and harmonica and piano accompaniment from Colin Good.

As the orchestra loosens its bow ties, though, it’s the nod to Roxy and Ferry’s solo career that gets the crowd on its feet, the consummate musicians and two backing singers injecting fresh energy into Jealous Guy, Love Is The Drug, Let’s Work Together, Editions of You.

It’s a show with just about everything, and that includes two dancing girls. At the age of 68, Bryan Ferry is still at the top of his game.