Bonham’s sister drums-up her own singer songwriter career

Deborah Bonham
Deborah Bonham
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DEBORAH Bonham’s brother never wanted her to get involved with the music business.

Her brother was John Bonham - Led Zeppelin’s drummer who died in 1980, when Deborah was just 18.

“My brother saw a different side of the business. It wasn’t something he weanted his little sister to be involved with so he would encourage me to do really well at school, he wanted me to be a lawyer or something like that.”

But while Deborah Bonham loved her brother dearly, she disregarded his advice and followed her dreams - to be a singer songwriter.

“I did get involved with opera at first and he was okay with that but my music career didn’t take off until after he died.”

This week the blues singer songwriter, pianist and guitarist comes to Barnsley as part of a UK tour of her latest album, Spirit.

The record was recorded near Bonham’s Chichester home and mixed in Nashville. “It needed an injection in the arm after we recorded it,” she says. “There’s a great music work ethic in Nashville and you don’t get that as much in the UK.”

The album covers an array of subjects from landmines to death. “The name ‘Spirit’ is to do with a lot ofthings. It’s about having the spirit of being able to verry on after you lose someone.

“I lost my mum a week before we started recording so it’s about that spirit of just getting on but also the spirit in people and the fact we will hopefully meet again one day.”

And as for John Bonham’s approval of her career in music, she says. “I know he would love what we’re doing and he’d have definitely been on stage with us.”

Deborah Bonham plays at the Birdwell Social Club, Barnsley, this Saturday, April 13.