Band in from the cold

Dead Sons lay at the Leadmill tomorrow
Dead Sons lay at the Leadmill tomorrow
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Few bands would accept a one-year live hiatus because their frontman was going off to tour with another band.

But when that band is the Arctic Monkeys, it puts a different spin on things.

So, when Sheffield desert rockers Dead Sons found out that their vocalist Tom Rowley was asked to join the Arctic Monkeys as a session musician for their tour, they were slightly lost for words.

“We were in the back of the van travelling to Manchester and Tom said ‘I’ve got something to tell you,” said Matthew ‘Byrnie’ Byrne. “We are all really excited for him and it can only be a good thing for us. There was of course the initial shock but when the dust settled we realised it was also a great opportunity. We as a band can now have a complete rebrand and look at revamping our merchandise.”

Rowley will be playing keys, guitar and percussion on some of the Arctic Monkeys’ live tracks.

But loaning a band member to the Arctic Monkeys has its perks. “We all went to Glastonbury and were stood watching the band from the side of the stage. It was dead exciting to be at Glastonbury with Tom and give him loads of grief,” laughs Byrnie,

This now means that Dead Sons’ second album is a transatlantic production. “We’re like a proper big band now, we’re sending files over to Tom and he’s sending stuff back that he’s working on – he’s had loads of ideas. It’s good as well that he’s out there in terms of inspiration, he’s surrounded by a lot of interesting people doing interesting stuff.”

The second album – which has yet to be named – is already almost written. “We have about 10 or 11 tracks but they’re not in any order as such at the moment. They are just demos at the minute but we are piecing it all together. We can cut and paste with a lot of our ideas,” says Byrnie.

The band’s writing frenzy has been instigated by Rowley’s absence. “It’s actually a good thing to have a break from playing live, you can get lost in all the admin of booking gigs and running a band but now we can really get our heads down. We will be releasing some singles though.”

One of those singles is Gasoline, which is released this Friday. “We want people to know that we are not going away and we are definitely staying together. We’re just taking a creative hiatus.”

The band play at the Leadmill tomorrow.

“It’s a big thank you to the band’s fans,” says Byrnie.”

“It’s just a way of showing our appreciation for their support.” The show also marks the beginning of a very exciting adventure, both for Dead Sons and Tom Rowley.