AUDIO: Proud of you Sheffield, says Michael Buble

Michael Buble
Michael Buble
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Superstar crooner Michael Buble woke up this morning richer for knowing he’s just earned a small fortune to help Sheffield’s most needy children, writes Graham Walker.

Lucky fans snapped up all 12,000 tickets in an “instant” to be the first in the world to see his new live show, when he opened the doors to his final dress rehearsal at the Motorpoint Arena.

Backstage exclusive: Michael Buble chats to Graham Walker. Photo: Glenn Ashley.

Backstage exclusive: Michael Buble chats to Graham Walker. Photo: Glenn Ashley.

And he’s giving all the proceeds from last night’s show to Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

In an exclusive chat backstage he told The Star’s Graham Walker what really made him do it and what fans can expect from his new tour, To Be Loved, which kicks off with 10 sold out nights at London’s O2 Arena on Sunday night (June 30, 2013).

AUDIO: Listen to Michael Buble’s chat with Graham in full, where he also answers fans’ questions - CLICK HERE.

In his only interview on the night he started out by paying tribute to The Star for our multi-media coverage and support.

To Be Loved: Michael Buble's latest album.

To Be Loved: Michael Buble's latest album.

“I’ve watched the videos. My mother and father have shown me all the lovely stuff and all the support you’ve given. They knew I was coming to talk to you, so they said for me to be very nice to you,” said the 37-year-old.

“It’s really amazing. Without you guys it wouldn’t have been possible. I’m really thankful.”

In a direct thank you to fans he said: “I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you from one human being to another. You showed your class and I get goose bumps just saying that to you.

“I get goose bumps to know that I go out there to be connected to you, 12,000 beautiful souls who cared so much about their city and their kids.

“People queued for 20-hours. It meant a hell of a lot to me that people here would take their time, queue and spend £25 to help charity. It says a lot about the people and the character of this city.”

He told how he first had an idea to open the dress rehearsal to the public a month ago, but only when it got closer he decided it should be for charity.

He chose the two special charities because he has been an ambassador for children’s hospitals in Canada for seven years.

The proud dad-to-be said: “I love cats and dogs and my wife takes care of those kinds of things and there’s a lot of wonderful charities. But for me, kids were number one.

“I always felt, there’s nothing worse for a family than seeing your kid get ill.”

He revealed his new live show would be a greatest hits spectacle with a handful of songs from latest album, To Be Love.

He said: “It’s more music heavy. There are moments of humour and hopefully touching moments. There’s a lot more songs, about 26. And to say the production is a step up, is an understatement.”

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