Artist has the hots for the blues

Martin Bedford
Martin Bedford
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You may not recognise Martin Bedford by his face, but his art has plastered the walls of many a venue in Sheffield and beyond.

And the graphic artist has another string to his bow – spotting the best blues talent in the city.

Now the master of the graphic poster has branched out to managing Sheffield’s blues outfit Downtown Roots, as well as hosting a growing number of blues nights across the city.

He says: “The blues scene in Sheffield is so rich. We have so many great blues artists in this city that cover the whole blues spectrum.”

For Martin, the ‘blues spectrum’ spans from Blind Lemon Jefferson to Royal Blood.

He says: “People think of blues as this steady form of music but it’s not, it’s hugely varied.”

The range of acts on Bedford’s bill for 2015 is a testament to this.

“I’ve got Mudcats Blues Trio, who are doing well at the moment and about to do a German tour, Black Thunder Revue and Dave Acari, who’s phenomenal. It is really exciting. But it will be very busy.”

He brings a lot of this talent together at his monthly Honey Bee Blues Club, which has just found a new home – Yellow Arch’s new music venue on Burton Road.

His next blues event is at the Porter Cottage, Sharrow Vale Road, on Sunday, featuring Half Deaf Clatch.

The next Honey Bee Blues Club is on Friday, February 27 at Yellow Arch, where Sometime Man – a posthumous collection of Andy Weaver songs from his career as frontman of Chicken Legs Weaver – will be released.