ALBUM REVIEW: Suede - Bloodsports

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BANDS reuniting are commonplace these days - but recording a new album is much trickier than simply reforming and bashing out the hits.

Suede felt they had unfinished business after fizzling out 10 years ago following two successive disappointing records.

Whether the world needs another LP from the London five-piece - presented here in their third incarnation, minus original guitarist Bernard Butler - is a moot point, but the group have clearly put a huge effort into making something worthwhile.

Crunching, glam rock guitars are back and singer Brett Anderson’s chosen to write about the specific topic of relationships, his old standbys of drugs and sexual ambiguity now off the agenda.

It Starts and Ends With You deserves to be blaring out of radios for months on end sometime around 1997, while For The Strangers is a mildly ridiculous ballad in the classic Suede tradition.

But things go slightly awry later on when an attempt is made to recreate the atmospherics of the Butler era.

Will this album mean anything at all to non-fans? Probably not.

But if Suede never record again, Bloodsports is a fitting send-off.