Albert Hammond gets ready for Sheffield date

Albert Hammond
Albert Hammond
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Few artists have stayed a permanent musical fixture quite like Albert Hammond.

The singer songwriter has written hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s, noughties and even today.

He is the brains behind some iof the most-loved tracks in pop history, such as The Air that I Breathe and When I Need You.

Looking back on a life in music, he says: “When you love something as much as I love music it’s not hard to do, I don’t sit down and write every day, instead I wait for those special moments when I connect to energies that seem to find me, then it all comes together.

“Sometimes I feel I don’t write the songs – they are sent through me by some kind of energy for the world to hear and enjoy but love, life, laughter, joy, pain and sorrow continues to inspire me, maybe they’re my muse.”

Even now, more than five decades after he started writing songs, Hammond still gets excited about hearing his tracks.

Among the artists to have covered his music are Leo Sayer and the Hollies.

“I’ve always been quite lucky and many singers bands and orchestras from all over the world have covered my songs.

“I remember very well when The Hollies recorded The Air that I Breathe and I thought it was a terrific record but it wasn’t an easy track for radio stations to play.

“Many broadcasters said it was too slow until one radio station gave it some air play and the listeners started to call in for the song to be played over and over again.”

Those hits are still his pride and joy.

“I think of them as my own children not as a commodity, there something I’ve created that make millions of people happy that’s my reward knowing that my music brings joy to the world.”

Albert Hammond plays at the Memorial Hall, part of City Hall, on Wednesday, May 21.