VIDEO: Revel in pizza at Barnsley's new supper club

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Watch out folks, there’s a new slice in town...

With toppings ranging from fresh chillies, artichoke, and butternut squash, to lamb donner, salami and chorizo, there’s nothing boring about the new pizzas being served at The Supper Club, which opened its doors on Barnsley’s Shambles Street earlier this month.

Barnsley's new Supper Club opens in the town

Barnsley's new Supper Club opens in the town

“The Supper Club prides itself on using local produce, and is something completely new to the town centre, ” said Alexander Mottram, operations manager for Barnsley Foods Ltd, which owns the venue, along with its counterpart in Wakefield.

The concept of The Supper Club is that it does for pizza what Subway did for sandwiches, allowing customers to completely create their own custom pizza, with as many toppings and flavours as they like in whatever quantities they choose.

There is a seven-inch and a 13-inch base, and customers first choose their sauce – pizza sauce, spicy sauce, or BBQ sauce – before selecting from more than 40 toppings, which are constantly being changed and added to.

“Customers can tailor a pizza to their perfect taste,” added Alex.

“All of the bases are vegan and we have gluten-free options too. We don’t currently offer a vegan cheese, but we do allow people to bring their own in, which we’ll add on for them. We’ve already had some really wacky and wonderful pizzas put together, of which I think my favourite was rhubarb, feta and basil. One guy loaded his up with tonnes of blue cheese, garlic and onion, which he really seemed to enjoy, but I wouldn’t have liked to be sharing a taxi home with him that night! Another I’ve seen is a breakfast pizza with a baked bean base.

“The great thing about this concept is that it really pushes you to try different things. I have come to adore broccoli on my pizza, which I could never have imagined at one time.

“As well as the options laid out, we’ll have specials of the week that people can try, tailored to the time of year – we have a big list of ideas for that one.

The Supper Club will be open seven days a week, from lunchtime to late, offering its visitors the chance to fill up on pizza, cocktails, and real ale, before heading upstairs to Jock’s Cavern – which opened 16 months ago, and is also owned by Barnsley Foods Ltd – to enjoy some live music and dance the night away.