Tramlines has top notch food on offer

Delicious treats come to Sheffield Tramlines
Delicious treats come to Sheffield Tramlines
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Vegan fast food, portable Sunday dinners, and award-winning pies and burgers are all on the menu at this year’s Tramlines Festival.

The popular music festival, which marks its tenth year in 2018, is going heavy on the delicious delicacies when it opens on Friday July 20 for its three-day-run, at its new, much-larger site at Hillsborough Park.

There will be more food and drink traders than ever before at the event - all carefully selected for quality and diversity - serving food from across the globe, so festival-goers can chow down whilst grooving to headliners Stereophonics, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Craig David.

Tramline’s spokesperson Alex Deadman said: “Tramlines is firmly on trend with vegan fast food options aplenty. Back in the 70’s at the birth of the festival movement, meat-free options were much more abundant on festival fields than on your average high-street. Fast-forward to 2018 and veganism is more widely practiced for many reasons including ethical choices and health and sustainability of the planet.

“We’ve worked hard this year on our food outlets and are proud to present cutting edge vegan food from stalls such as ‘Wholesome Junkies’ who offer their take on KFC (Kentucky Fried Cauliflower), Buffalo mac ‘n’ cheese and döner kebabs.”

There is also a distinctly Yorkshire flavour to Tramlines this year, with the now famous Yorkshire Pudding Wraps – an entire Sunday roast presented in a portable and easy to eat wrap.

For those wanting more spice in their lives, The Rickshaw Club will be serving a menu influenced by the Punjab areas of India and Pakistan, with echoes of the Mughal Empire. The Kebab Cartel will be on site with their homemades breads filled with fresh lamb, chicken and beef shawarma. Flying Cows will be bringing their High Flyer burger, while Pieminster will be demonstrating their mastery of all things pie.

For people looking for sweet treats, there will be homemade donuts from Festival Donuts, traditional confectionary from Gordon’s Sweets, and homemade milkshakes from Flying Cows.

And Tramlines won’t let anyone go thirsty, with plenty of bars on site including the ‘Magners Cider Garden,’ which will feature live music, and an official Tramlines Ale, created by a local brewer.