TOP TIPPLE: Bitburger lager (£1.39, Sainsbury)

Bitburger Lager (�1.39, Sainsbury)
Bitburger Lager (�1.39, Sainsbury)
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IT’S that time of year again where a chap’s – and one or two ladies’ – fancy switches from cool bitter to cold lager.

Like the turning of the leaves, it occurs quite naturally and without fuss. Suddenly the longing for cask brews lessens and drier, crisper lager beers become more attractive. Despite many real aler’s suspicions, there’s no junk in it. Made from barley, hops and water according to Bavaria’s Reinheitsgebot laws of 1516, Bitburger is superbly refreshing and full of flavour. Ranking third among Germany’s best selling breweries, that many German beer dinkers can’t be wrong.