The perfect pancake

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Want to make your Pancake Day flipping good next Tuesday?

Cross Scythes head chef Alan Rigby has some simple advice, honed from his 15 years of experience at award-winning restaurants in Manchester and Cheshire.

Alan, who has seen the Totley pub twice make the top three in the Eat Sheffield Awards for best gastropub, says:

To make 8-12 pancakes, crack four medium eggs into one of three identical glass tumblers. Put the same quantity of sifted plain flour into the second and milk into the third.

To avoid a lumpy batter, first whisk flour and eggs until smooth, then add the milk. Don’t whisk for too long, or the gluten in the flour will make the pancakes rubbery. The consistency should be similar to single cream.

Leaving it to stand for 20 minutes lets the starch relax and gives a lighter result.

Add a very small amount of oil to your pan. I find it best to wipe it on with a sheet of kitchen towel.

Pour in a thin coating of batter. The mix will turn opaque in 30-60 seconds and be ready to flip. After another 10 seconds or so, the pancake is ready.