TAKEAWAY TEST: Yankees, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, Tel: 268 0828

Yankees, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
Yankees, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
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JULY 4, a takeaway test to write and an American in the house.

Only one thing for it – ribs.

What we had in mind were the sticky sweet ribs dripping in barbecue sauce as sampled in some of the many and various rib joints on trips to the US.

And that’s pretty much what we got.

Yankees didn’t have any of their takeaway menus to take away so the choice was made from the restaurant menu offered by the extremely helpful staff – they even offered free coffee while I was waiting.

The restaurant has some fascinating posters and Americana on the walls, more than enough to keep you occupied during the ten-minute wait for the food.

Once in the car I opened a box and sneaked an onion ring, a couple of fries and pulled off a piece of meat from the ribs. All was good.

Then I goofed, as our American cousins might say. I made the mistake of putting the stuff in the oven when I got home and managed to turn the fries into burnt sticks and the corn into mush.

The onion rings went a bit wooden but largely survived and, fortunately having been at the bottom of the oven, the ribs didn’t suffer at all.

It was all scoffed by a hungry family – with a few pithy observations about re-heating techniques – and made a change from our usual Monday night fare which would have been anything but ribs.

It would be a good idea for takeaway purposes if Yankees were to offer portions of ribs to buy on their own rather than as part of a meal.

At £8.80 for four ribs, fries and corn that does seem a tad pricey - but on the up side all takeaway offers come with a ten per cent discount so two rib meals and onion rings came to just over £18.


Address: 418 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11

Tel: 268 0828

Hours: Mon 17:00-22:00, Tue-Thu 11:45-22:30, Fri-Sat 11:45-23:30, Sun 11:45-22:00

Range of food: Classic American - burgers, ribs and chicken.

Service: Fast and friendly. Very good.

How did it taste: Very good – before home cremation.