TAKEAWAY TEST: Topkapi, Newcastle Street, Worksop. Tel: 01909 478684.

Topkapi, Worksop.
Topkapi, Worksop.
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SOMETIMES you just have to go with the flow.

To me takeaway food is fish and chips, the rest is, well, a bit unneccessary.

Indian food, Chinese, Greek, Mexican and Turkish are all delicious and have added greatly to the culinary delight of this nation.

But takeaway should, wherever possible, be fish and chips eaten walking home with vinegar crackling on hot crispy batter.

With that out of the way and the kids choosing where we get our food from on this particular night, we’re going Greek – or American, Brazilian, Antiguan and Barbudan, British or Burundian according to the flags on their flyers.

It’s a pretty wide-ranging menu.

From beans and chips to spaghetti bolognese, chicken wings to shish kebabs it’s all there – 158 menu items including dips, salads and junior meals.

Topkapi is a brash, busy and buzzing place to visit. The staff are numerous, very helpful and friendly, service is fast and the place has a jumping atmosphere.

This time we had our stuff delivered – free on orders over £7 with a £1 charge after 2am.

Between us we had a traditional doner kebab, a mixed kebab, chicken kebab and three portions of chips.

The food arrives hot, prompt and there’s plenty of it.

The chicken kebab has lots of chargrilled chunks of chicken breast, tons of salad with lemon juice dressing in a soft white pitta. The fries are good but not great.

The mixed kebab has chunks of lamb, spiced minced lamb and doner meat again with the salad and pitta. The doner is especially good I’m told and I can vouch for the chicken myself, really tender, tasty and nicely cooked.

Food for three people plus a large bottle of Coke came to £19.90.

Takeaway Facts


Newcastle Street, Worksop.

Tel: 01909 478684.

Opening hours: Sun to Thurs: 3pm to 1pm Fri and Sat: 3pm to 3am.

Service: Friendly and fast.

Waiting time: Minimal.

Menu: Huge selections but largely kebabs and 

Verdict: Fast, good and plenty of it.