TAKEAWAY TEST: Tiffin Indian, 486 Fulwood Road

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Food Reviews.
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Someone at Tiffin Indian posseses simply incredible knife skills...

I’d never seen such tiny slivers of chilli, caramelised onions and garlic as came in my king prawn jhal jhinga.

It was a curry with several layers of spicing that increased in heat to nose-watering levels, although the sauce to prawn ratio wasn’t quite right.

An aloo gobi side had the same restaurant level presentation and plenty of soft potatoes and cauliflower with crunch inside the pungent sauce.

His naan was dotted with fresh garlic and of excellent consistency to mop up the lamb tikka saag, a medium dish with tender meat and a rich tomato sauce.

Delivery took just over an hour, and we paid £19.55 for two.