TAKEAWAY TEST: Thelma’s Cafe and Delicatessen, 345 Sharrow Vale Road. Call: 0114 2683 674

TAKEAWAY TEST''Thelma's Cafe, Sharrow Vale Road
TAKEAWAY TEST''Thelma's Cafe, Sharrow Vale Road
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THELMA’S Cafe is the hottest new addition to Sharrow Vale Road, a charming little delicatessen on a street already full of popular, quirky venues.

Since May Rowley and her sister Emily opened the street’s newest cafe in October - named in memory of their grandma Thelma - it has been swamped.

In the four or five times I have been in since the establishment opened, the handful of tables in their back room - seating a total of 14 - have always been full.

Luckily for me and all the other hungry punters queuing out the door the weekend before Christmas, Thelma’s does takeaway.

A delicious range of sandwiches is on offer, alongside a selection of salads, pies, soups and quiches.

And then there’s the deserts - a tempting selection of cakes, tarts and muffins.

Such is the wealth of the selection that it takes us a good few minutes to choose, holding up the queue of busy shoppers.

We choose a salami, avocado and mozarella ciabatta, coated in garlic mayonnaise, and a beetroot hummus sandwich, which comes with grated carrot and roast Mediterranean vegetables.

When we get home with our bags of Christmas shopping, we lay out the feast, which includes a particularly good carrot cake and an amazing pear tart.

Thelma’s granddaughters have taken the art of sandwich-making to a new level.

My only complaint is that the avocado in the salami and mozarella sandwich is really under-ripe - but otherwise these are top-notch sarnies, crafted with great, fresh ingredients.

I’ll definitely be back - and I might even get a seat in the place.

Thelma would be proud.

n Venue: Thelma’s Cafe and Delicatessen, 345 Sharrow Vale Road

n Call: 0114 2683 674

n Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-2pm

n Price: Around £3.60 for a sandwich

n Parking: On street

n Verdict: Excellent, lovingly crafted food