TAKEAWAY TEST: Tandoori Hut, Wakefield Road, Barnsley, S75 6DJ. Telephone: 01226 390037

Tandoori Hut, Wakefield Road, Barnsley
Tandoori Hut, Wakefield Road, Barnsley
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IT HAPPENS to all of us.

Those nights when the cupboards are bare, it’s dark and raining outside and you’re already in your pyjamas with a cup of tea in your hand.

Thank goodness for the Tandoori Hut menu that had been pushed through our door a week earlier!

We decided to put the healthy eating on hold for a night and indulge in a guilty pleasure – the Indian takeaway.

Tandoori Hut is a beautiful restaurant that stands tall and proud, illuminated on Wakefield Road in Barnsley. It has all the makings of a great night out: rich décor, mood lighting and spectacular food, but we’d yet to sample their takeaway menu.

We were pleasantly surprised, first off, to find out that everything on the menu comes at 15% off when ordered as takeaway and there was lots of choice.

We ordered a Lamb Sookha Bouhna Handi, a portion of Pilau Rice, a Naan bread and a portion of Onion Bhajis.

We ordered it over the phone and were told to expect it in 30-45 minutes. The polite delivery man rang our bell after just 25 minutes.

Everything was piping hot and smelled fresh. The Lamb Sookha Bouhna Handi was particularly pungent, well seasoned with plenty of ginger and coriander, and it was delicious. It was quite dry as far as sauces go, with the thick sauce clinging to the meat rather than pooling in the bottom. The one negative was that there wasn’t much meat on the bones – but the meat that was there was fantastic.

The naan breads were enormous and tasty – great texture, not too thin, not too dry and well seasoned.

The onion bhajis came as a little set of four.

We were very impressed with the layout and presentation of the meals in the takeaway boxes – quite unusual.

The portion sizes, although not what I would call generous, were just right.

We finished every scrap and the meal was filling without being too heavy.

Tandoori Hut brings Indian restaurant food to your door – and it was a bargain!

Takeaway Facts

Tandoori Hut, Wakefield Road, Barnsley, S75 6DJ

Telephone: 01226 390037

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 5pm to midnight. Friday and Saturday, 5pm to 12.30am.

Delivery: Food can be ordered by phone or online.

Menu: A huge variety – and surprisingly well presented for takeout food.

Cost: £14.90, with a 15% discount, made it: £12.66

Verdict: If all Indian takeaway tasted this good we’d probably forgo the act of eating out altogether!