TAKEAWAY TEST: Subway, Orchard Square

subway store
subway store
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A FIVER? For lunch? It’s not much if you’re doing a special occasion sit-down thing but it seems a lot for a workaday takeaway.

Until you see it.

Whole families have lived on less for a day.

It’s a 12” long french roll and is packed with reams of meat - in this case salami, ham and pepperoni plus toasted cheese and all the salad you can name and eat from pickles and peppers to olives and onions.

Subway is the new McDonalds that has Starbucked its way into all our high streets.

Currently number two food and drink outlet on the country’s streets in terms of sales volume according to the BBC - Costa Coffee is three and Greggs number one - it’s easy to see why.

It has the novelty of being in a place with all the slick buzz of fast food - the uniforms, the posters, the meal deals and the layout of the counter as you move along the production line indulging your every foot-long filling fantasy.

The staff are plentiful, friendly, attentive - if a little eager for a deli-ditherer who’s not sure what he wants yet. There were seven or eight of them behind the counter - though they were moving a bit too fast to count accurately.

It has to be said it feels foreign - American specifically - and we can’t help but retain a bit of haughty disdain for their brash presentation and corporate co-ordination.

But it tastes good.

And at £5 for a sandwich easily big enough for two plus a bag crisps or a cookie and a medium (one pint) soft drink it’s decent value.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Subway, Orchard Square, Sheffield city centre. One of ten in the city including Halal Subway stores at Valley Centertainment and The Forge on London Road.

phone: 2752848

Parking: City Centre squeeze.

Menu: Fast food deli sandwiches, hot and cold.

Waiting time: Five minutes - including toasting cheese.

What we had: Italian BMT foot-long with pepperoni, salami, ham, cheese and salad plus crisps and a coke.

How did it taste: Very good.

Verdict: Great lunch - and tea.