TAKEAWAY TEST: Stan’s Fisheries, 27b Woodhouse Road, Intake S12 2AY. Telephone: Sheffield 2530746

Stan's Fisheries, Woodhouse Road, Intake, Sheffield.
Stan's Fisheries, Woodhouse Road, Intake, Sheffield.
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IN this day and age good fish and chip shops are about as rare as a Royal Wedding.

Maybe they’ve simply gone out of vogue - pushed to one side in a takeaway takeover dominated by curries, pizzas and Chinese food.

Thankfully if you look hard enough you can still find a first class friery.

And this one comes courtesy of a bloke called Stan.

Many have been the times I have driven past Stan’s fishery on my way here or there...

But this week, as the Royals rev up for their wedding banquet, I parked up and joined the queue at Stan’s , intent on having a beast of a feast of my own.

And believe me the stuff on offer isn’t only fit for a prince and his new bride - it’s fit for a king.

Large portions of chips cooked to perfection. Crisp and golden on the outside, white and fluffy within.

The fish, cod or haddock, white and flaky looks as beautiful as Kate Middleton ever has.

And it’s just as tasty.

Then there are the golden-coloured fishcakes.

Large, crammed with fish and perfectly cooked (not too hard nor too soft) potato, enclosed in a batter you won’t better.

The impressive list on offer includes the usual sausages, rissoles, roe, butties, peas, beans, and gravy.

But, unlike other chippies, locals say Stan’s standards never vary in their excellence, and that includes the fast and friendly service.

The prices will have you salivating too.

For example chips are £1.10 for a large portion, £3 for fish and a quid for a cake. Bargain.

Takeaway Facts

Stan’s Fisheries, 27b Woodhouse Road, Intake S12 2AY

Telephone: Sheffield 2530746

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30 to 1.45pm, Wednesday and Thursday 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Friday 4.30pm to 7.30pm

What we had: Cod and chips twice, cake and chips, large curry and large gravy.

What it cost: £11.80

Verdict: Surely one of Sheffield’s best chip shops. Give it a try.