TAKEAWAY TEST: Shanghai Garden, Upperthorpe Road, Sheffield, S6 3EB. Telephone: 0114 2723688

Shanghai  Garden
Shanghai Garden
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FIRST, the cock-up: they got the order wrong.

It’s not clear what exactly arrived in place of our Thai chilli and sweet basil chicken but it was bland and colourless and had the kind of aniseed after-rush one normally associates with gobstoppers. There was chicken in there but the less said the better.

And it came too early.

Yeah, I know. Who complains about a take-away getting sent round too soon? Well, I do.

I’m sick of being told 45 minutes by places – and Shanghai Garden isn’t the only offender – simply for it to turn up 10 minutes later while you’re in the shower.

Sheffield purveyors of hot delivered food: give us more accurate time windows.

Grumble over? Not quite. The prawn crackers could have been fresher and the duck less chewy.

And yet despite the moaning Shanghai Garden still sorted us out with a decent old dinner.

The Thai fishcake starter was firm and fresh; the beef with cashew nuts wasn’t just a party in one’s mouth, it was the kind of Caligula-style riot where everyone gets drunk, makes out with people they don’t know, and smashes the place up safe in the knowledge it’s someone else’s house; that is to say the beef with cashew nuts was really nice; and the rice was...well, the rice was rice.

Aside from the (already noted) slightly tough meat, meanwhile, the duck with ginger and spring onions did its stuff with aplomb; the different flavours bounding about the tongue.

Good portions too. Enough for lunch the following afternoon when that old truism – takeaway food tastes better the next day – was proven. All in all, decent enough. Just make sure they get your order right. And shower before you call them up.

Takeaway Facts

Telephone: 0114 2723688

Parking: On street.

Menu: Thai and Chinese.

Waiting time: Quicker than they’ll tell you.

What we ordered: Thai fish cakes, Thai chilli and sweet basil chicken, beef with cashew nuts, duck with ginger and spring onions, boiled rice, bottle of coke. Total cost: £19.60 with free prawn crackers.

Verdict: Step into the (Shanghai) Garden.