TAKEAWAY TEST: Pizza Hut, 41 High Street, Sheffield S1 2GE. Tel: 0114 2754873.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
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PIZZA Hut? The big one. The daddy of take-away food.

Fifty-four years old. Almost 12,000 outlets world-wide. Home of the stuffed crust. A veritable giant in a world of Burger Stops and Chicken Kings. A market leader.

“Um, sorry, can I stop you there?” says the voice down the phone as we prepare to give our order. “We don’t actually do delivery in Sheffield city centre. It’s collection only.”


Madness perhaps that the Sheffield branch of what claims to be the world’s leading takeaway emporium doesn’t have a student on a moped but, still, at least it allows you to sneak for a drink ahead of collection. Win-win.

That order then? A large stuffed crust meat feast with two sides, seasoned potatoes wedges and Texan BBQ chicken wings, for £17.45.

And how was it after the walk home?

The clue’s in the name: a veritable – and delicious – feast.

This is a chain which has been making pizza since 1958 – the first hut was set up by the side of a Kansas road, fact fans – and the experience shows.

The cheese is thick and melting, the topping generous, and the stuffed crust is... well, it’s a crust that’s stuffed.

Our starters weren’t quite as impressive. The wedges were a little dry, the wings a little cold but both are polished off so they’re obviously tasty enough.

And the pizza’s generous size – all 14 inches – means there’s a slice each left for lunch the next day.

Pizza Hut? There’s a reason why it’s considered the daddy.

Takeaway Facts

Pizza Hut

Address: 41 High Street, Sheffield S1 2GE.

Tel: 0114 2754873.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11am - 10pm, Sunday noon - 10pm.

Parking: City centre parking.

Atmosphere: Pleasant although corporate.

Service: Quick and friendly.

Delivery: Zilch.

Waiting time: Variable.

Verdict: Pizza Hit.