TAKEAWAY TEST: Philpotts,25 Campo Lane, S12EG. Tel: 2754040

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CAMPO Lane may not seem like the place for fine delicacy and home-made rustic sandwiches, but here, at Philpott’s, is a slice of home-made heaven.

Philpott’s is a takeaway and eat-in cafe bar. It’s vibe is more Greenwich village than Sheffield and its interior decor is clean, crisp and stylish.

There are people sitting at tables drinking coffee, women queuing up for a slice of home-made cake and indecisive office workers pondering over a plethora of freshly-made sandwich fillers and salads.

It all looked delicious but we put it to the test.

I ordered an aromatic duck wrap and a slice of Victoria sponge. The aromatic duck was tasty, but a little sweet and sickly and the duck could have been more tender. I did catch myself removing some stringy bits and at £4.45, that’s not a welcome feature. The cucumber was tasty, as were the onions, but the portion seems small considering the price.

The wrap was perfect texture - soft and fluffy, but the sharp taste of the duck was too much and detracted from the soft fluffy wrap.

The steak was the better option. The tasty steak sandwich, served on a granary baguette, was filled with tender pieces of medium-rare meat, covered with a sharp peppercorn sauce. It was also served with mushrooms, onions and a dash of extra pepper.

Philpotts’ homemade Victoria sponge was also an indulgent lunchtime treat - a thick slice of rich, buttery cake with a generous amount of strawberry jam and fresh cream. The cream was fresh - a rarity with Victoria sponge these days - and the sponge was light and real-tasting. This was every bit the home-made treat that Philpott’s prides itself on.

Overall, for a city-centre deli-cum-takeaway sandwich bar, Philpott’s is clean and its food is good quality. It just needs to make sure its duck is a little more tender.


Philpotts, 25 Campo Lane, S12EG.

Tel: 2754040

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 3pm.

Service: friendly and efficient.

Waiting time: immediate.

Menu: Varied but with all the standard sandwiches as well.

What we had: aromatic roast duck, £4.45, two slices of Victoria sponge, £2.70 and a minute steak sandwich, £4.05.