TAKEAWAY TEST: Paprika’s, 6 Brooklands Avenue, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GA. Tel: 0114 2630610

Paprika's take away at Fulwood.
Paprika's take away at Fulwood.
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THE sun rises, ducks quack, the Euro is in trouble... some things never change.

One of the better things that doesn’t is the quality of the food at Paprika’s, predictably reliable – and tantalising the moment you park up and the aromas waft through your car window.

Even so, a good test for any takeaway has to be how well they do the most popular dishes – and it is amazing just how many places do a chicken biriani not very well.

Not so Paprika’s.

The initial mix of rice and goodies, including a generous supply of moist chicken, was good enough on its own, but once the zesty-with-a-kick vegetable sauce was poured on this was a dish that made your mouth sing.

By contrast a wade into the house specials produced something of a surf and turf carnival in the form of Special Gatta Bhuna.

Chicken, lamb and prawns battle it out in the tub, but the robust brick red sauce is the star, pulling the different meats and textures together to make for a rich and decadent dish given balance by a light, clean-tasting pilau rice.

Two firm but crisp onion bhajis added further texture and interest to the plate, the dark golden batter exhibiting a caramel-like sweetness which combined with the onion salad and yoghurt sauce made a small meal on its own.

A sizeable peshwari naan bread was maybe the wrong choice for mopping up purposes, partly because of the sweetness, but saved for next day leftovers the whole combination was a rewarding spot of culinary deja vu, even if the naan didn’t take kindly to being re-warmed.

Paprika’s remains decent value for money and a standard bearer for reliable, quality exotic food.

They even threw in three free popadoms, which was nice.

Venue: Paprika’s, 6 Brooklands Avenue, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GA. Tel: 0114 2630610 Opening times: Seven days (incl bank holidays) 5pm-11pm. Parking: On the road in front. Atmosphere: Friendly. Service: Polite, efficient. Delivery: Free within three mile radius for minimum £10 order. Range of menu: Extensive with some less obvious options. What we had: Special Gatta Bhuna £5, Chicken Biriani £5, peshwari nan £1.80, pilau rice £1.50, onion bhaji £1.50 (2). Waiting time: 20 mins (Saturday night) How did it taste? Spicy but not on fire. Verdict: Good results worthy of a return visit.