TAKEAWAY TEST: New Jasmine House, 341 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PW. Tel: 0114 236 0480

Nerw Jasmine House, Sheffield
Nerw Jasmine House, Sheffield
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new JASMINE House doesn’t take much searching for. Its location, at Parkhead on Ecclesall Road, makes it easy for anybody living in south-west Sheffield.

And clearly, the family-run Jasmine House takeaway is the family’s pride and joy.

Luscious Oriental decor adorns the wall and a panorama of photographs of the takeaway’s various dishes envelop customers.

Staff are pleasant, smiley and friendly and clearly familiar with their regulars.

The food took around 15 minutes to cook, so I read the newspaper to the clatter of cooking in the background – added reassurance that the food is freshly prepared.

I ordered spicy chicken wings, seaweed and Singapore vermicelli – a perfect lightish combination for a solo night in watching eighteenth-century melodrama.

The chicken wings were coated in a fine layer of crisp batter and were tender and tasty.

The seaweed was neither too greasy nor too dry and the Singapore vermicelli was packed with beef, pork, prawns, chicken and egg, making it a filling, appetising dish.

The noodles tasted fresh and it was meaty enough to serve as a main meal.

The meat was interspersed with green and red peppers, which melted in the mouth – an extra punch to the dish.

In fact the food was spot-on – not too fatty, not too dry, rich without being sickly and spicy enough so as to give it a kick but not to burn one’s mouth out.

But there is one grumble – New Jasmine House is pretty anonymous on the internet. Other than its address and telephone number there is little other information available.

That’s a minor issue compared with the quality of the food, however.

And, come to think of it, I’m feeling rather peckish again.

Takeaway Facts

New Jasmine House

341 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PW

Tel: 0114 236 0480

What I had: Singapore vermicelli, £4.80, Crispy seaweed, £2.50, Spicy chicken wings, £3.80

Parking: The kerb outside New Jasmine hasn’t been dropped, so unless you want to mess up the tracking on your car it’s best to park over the road.

Service: Not exactly rapid, but it’s well worth the wait as it is prepared as you wait.

Decor: Classy, clean, Oriental-inspired

Verdict: Very good, possibly even worth risking your tracking for.