TAKEAWAY TEST: Marks and Spencer, Fargate, Sheffield

Marks and Spencer, Fargate, Sheffield
Marks and Spencer, Fargate, Sheffield
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WHAT’S your favourite takeaway place?

Yes you’ve got one haven’t you. And one or two back-ups as well depending on what you feel like food-wise at any given time.

I’d like to bet Marks and Spencer doesn’t feature in that list.

But maybe it should.

Their irregular ‘£10 Dine in for two’ offer almost qualifies as a takeaway.

We bought two to feed three of us and nothing needed heating up for more than 25 minutes so it was very little faff - especially if, like us, you sometimes put takeaways in the microwave briefly anyway to bring them back up to optimum temperature.

It fed three of us for less than £7 a head – roughly the same as a takeaway – and, like a takeaway, we had stuff left over.

You choose a main meal, a side dish, a dessert and a bottle of wine for your £10.

And that bottle of wine is a big plus, because when we had finished our meal of two M & S deals we still had a bottle of wine and a dessert to enjoy another day.

The big hit was a terrific British Pork Medallions in a creamy Norfolk cider, Bramley apple and shallot sauce main.

But it was all good - there weren’t any stragglers or makeweights.

And there was a belter of a wine - a very tasty Soleado Chilean Sauvignon Rosé.

While things heated up we knocked up a salad to eke out the main meal.

And the good news is that not only was it all well tasty, it was also a deal more healthy than your average takeaway.

And, with it being M & S, with its reputation, you’re guaranteed a certain quality.

Better then most takeaways in fact.

Venue: Marks and Spencer, 19 Fargate, Sheffield S1 1LF

Tel: 0114 2754913

Website: www.marksandspencer.com and hit the link ‘Dine in for two - £10’

Opening times: Shop hours, usually 8am - 6pm

Parking: You should be so lucky

Service: The check-out staff are always a pleasure to deal with

Delivery: Afraid not

Range of menu: Lots of choice – although never quite as much as there appears to be on the website publicity

What we had: Mains: Ginger, lime and coriander chicken; British Pork Medallions with a creamy Norfolk cider, Bramley apple and shallot sauce. Sides: Rosemary potatoes with parsley and roast garlic; Ready prepared garlic mushrooms with soft cheese topped with breadcrumbs; Desserts: Kentish Bramley Apple Puff pastry Pie; Two Belgian milk chocolate cheesecake slices; Wines: Gaston de Veau Blanc vin de France (Chardonnay blend) 2010; Soleado Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2010.

What it cost: £20

How did it taste: A treat

Verdict: Quality stuff at the right price.