TAKEAWAY TEST - Heaven of Chinese Cuisine, 93 Scrooby Road, Bircotes, Doncaster, DN11 8JN

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HUNGRY and pushed for time? It’s comforting to know that Heaven is a place on earth.

The fluorescent-coloured menu for this Chinese takeaway boasts that it has an open kitchen.

But when I went in early the other Friday evening the whole place barely seemed open.

It was a bit chilly inside, there was no-one behind the counter and no-one cooking in the kitchen.

After a few minutes trying to decide what to have from the extensive choice (230-odd items on the menu) a very polite member of staff appeared from the back of the premises, like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn, to take my order and the kitchen team sprang into action.

Within less than 10 minutes he was back behind the counter with my order bagged up and ready for me to take home.

As Ann and I were feeling especially hungry I’d plumped for the beef with satay sauce and special fu yung, both with special fried rice.

Prawn crackers were thrown in for free because the order cost more than £12.

An order over £25 will get you a free bottle of cola.

We weren’t disappointed with the portion sizes, although in hindsight we’d rather overdone the specials.

The fu yung came with plentiful chicken, pork, beef and king prawns, as did the special fried rice.

The verdict was tasty and filling but a bit claggy because of the egg part of the dish.

The beef and satay sauce proved the more popular of the two meals.

The sauce was deliciously moreish, with a hint of chilli giving the dish a bit of a spicy kick.

The huge bag of prawn crackers kept our six-year-old Barney happy as we ploughed through the rest of the meal.

There was enough of the special fried rice left over to give to hungry toddler Archie for lunch next day.

Heavenly stuff, indeed.


Heaven of Chinese Cuisine, 93 Scrooby Road, Bircotes, Doncaster, DN11 8JN

Telephone 01302 744656

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 5pm-11.30pm; Friday and Saturday open until midnight

Parking on street outside or in the car park across the road

Free home delivery (£1 for for orders under £10 or over three miles

Service polite and ultra-efficient

Range of menu: extensive, including good value banquets (Hong Kong £15 for two; Shanghai £17; Heaven of Cuisine £19)

What did it cost: £15.70. Special fu yung £4, beef with satay sauce £3.70, two portions of special fried rice £8 (plus free prawn crackers)

Verdict: Tasty, filling food served up fast was Heaven sent.