Takeaway Test: Crosspool Fish Bar, Sheffield

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We’re told churchgoing is on the wane but the old (religious) tradition of eating fish on a Friday still seems to be ingrained.

At the end of the week in Crosspool there’s a sizeable queue in the fish bar and the staff are, thankfully, prepared - stacks of cod and haddock are on standby, freshly fried and just waiting to be served.

The cod’s the star. The batter’s crisp, a deep golden colour, and happily the skin’s left on, which only adds to the flavour. Beneath all this lies abundant, perfectly white fish.

A generous serving of chips also get the thumbs-up - not too dry, but not overly soggy either.

Mushy peas round off the plate - Crosspool’s have an intriguing, slightly spiced flavour. No-one would pretend that fish and chips is wildly adventurous - but, done right, it’s one of the most satisfying of dishes. We paid £12.30 for two.

Star ratings out of five:

Food - four

Service - four

Value - four

Crosspool Fish Bar, 16 Sandygate Road, Crosspool, Sheffield, S10 5NH. Tel: 0114 266 2779