TAKEAWAY TEST: Chan’s Abbeydale Road, Sheffield. Telephone: 0114 236 6030

Chan's Takeaway, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
Chan's Takeaway, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
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BY THE time I’d sat down with the paper and a cup of tea, our Chinese meal had arrived. Chan’s don’t hang about.

But they’re not cheap.

What would normally cost around £16 from any other Chinese takeaway came to around £21.

We ordered Singapore Noodles, Beef Chow Mein, spicy chicken and spare ribs.

The meals were good. The vermicelli was tasty and of perfect consistency - light enough to be more-ish but substantial enough to fill you up.

The downside to the Singapore noodles though was the meat, which was rather lacklustre.

The Chow Mein, on the other hand, was tender and full of flavour, although the vegetables were rather soggy.

But the sides were disappointing.

The spare ribs were short on meat and far too sticky, making them very difficult to eat.

The chicken wings were also a bit on the skinny side and, for the money, one expects a higher standard.

Portions were generous – even overwhelming.

One wonders who or what takeaway chefs imagine will be eating their meals. Giants?

But overall, the food hit the spot.

It was just a bit steep.

They need to tone down the sauce on the spare ribs and buy meat from slightly plumper animals.

Rather than dish out huge portions, they should reduce the size of the dishes and increase the meat content.

That way customers will feel satisfied but not intimidated by acres of food.

Takeaway Facts

Telephone: 0114 236 6030

Parking: On street.

Waiting time: 25 mins.

What we ordered: Spare ribs, chicken wings, prawn crackers, Singapore Noodles and beef chow mein.

Verdict: For what it is, too expensive.