Takeaway Test: All Siam Thai Restaurant, 639 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8PT, Call: 0114 2670580

All Siam
All Siam
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SOMETIMES there is nothing better than a meal out at your favourite restaurant.

And on occasion only a takeaway at home, slobbing in pyjamas in front of trashy telly, will do.

But at All Siam, a Thai restaurant on Ecclesall Road, we managed to combine both.

The restaurant is heaving at weekends and once, when a table wasn’t available, staff told us the place also offers takeaway - at ten per cent off.

We didn’t need telling twice.

All Siam used to be Noodle King, and both eateries have proved firm favourites in our household.

Thai food doesn’t seem to dominate Sheffield’s foodie scene so the friendly, fast and authentic restaurant is a real find.

We normally stick to chilli-hot green Thai curry and beef massaman, a milder dish tasty enough to lick off the plate, when dining in.

The mould was broken for takeaway.

There was also a bit of a mix-up with our order which we had to go back to correct, but a waiter threw in a free dish for the trouble.

We eventually enjoyed starters of Moo Ping, juicy strips of barbecued pork marinated in a special sauce with coriander roots and garlic, with complimentary Thai crackers and chilli sauce.

Ped Pud Kee Mao, a stir-fried marinated duck dish with herbs, chillies, green peppercorns and basil leaves was aromatic and gave a real kick of spicy heat.

Sticky rice was the perfect cooling side order, with our free Thai vegetables, and we scoffed the whole lot in front of an Embarrassing Bodies re-run.

The feast fit for a king cost under £16 all in.

All Siam don’t do delivery but that’s probably good news, in the long run, for the waistline.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: All Siam Thai Restaurant

639 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8PT

Call: 0114 2670580

Opening hours: 6pm and 11pm (evening)

Parking: Some outside and nearby, but on busy roads

Delivery: No

Verdict: Restaurant quality authentic Thai at its very best