TAKE AWAY TEST: The Greedy Greek Deli, Castle Square, Sheffield. Tel: 0114 2667719

The Greedy Greek Deli, Castle Square, Sheffield
The Greedy Greek Deli, Castle Square, Sheffield
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FOR a taste of the Greek islands right in the centre of Sheffield, it has to be a visit to The Greedy Greek!

My colleague and I were in the mood for something a little different when we decided to visit the deli stand on a sunny Friday afternoon.

After several minutes spent with our noses pressed up against the glass counter, trying to narrow down our order from the wide selection available, we finally both decided on the mouthwatering Chicken Wrap.

The wrap, when it came, was several pieces of fresh grilled chicken fillet stuffed into a Greek pitta bread with mixed salad, tzatziki and strofilia dip. We also each ordered a portion of Falafel.

The food came quite quickly, which was a good thing given the number of people who turned up to this lunchtime hotspot while we were there.

It was lovely to see our food being cooked fresh right in front of our eyes, and there were plenty of options and extras available at the point of a finger.

It would be terribly easy to go overboard here, particularly if your eyes are often bigger than your belly, as mine sometimes are.

The chicken wraps were a big hit. The fresh chicken was grilled perfectly and very tasty. The pitta was also grilled and, once stuffed, turned this into a truly delicious hot sandwich, with the added benefit of it being a fairly healthy lunch!

The Falafel were my favourite.

They were crisp and melt-in-the-mouth, perfectly herbed and spiced.

By pricing them individually, the customer has the option of how many they want in their portion and we went for four each – which was just right along with our generously-sized wraps.

All in all, The Greedy Greek gets a big thumbs up from us.

It made a pleasant change from the usual sandwiches and is ideal to call into, given its city centre location.

It was also great to be able to take something back to the office with us that was both hot and healthy.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: The Greedy Greek Deli, Castle Square, Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2667719

Opening times: 10am until 6pm Mondays to Saturdays, Sundays closed.

Parking: City centre.

Service: Quick enough to keep the queue down and very pleasant.

What I ordered: The chicken wrap was a reasonable £4.25 and the Falafel were 35p each, meaning my lunch set me back £5.65. A little pricey maybe to enjoy every day, but a fantastic end-of-the-week treat!

Verdict: A great place to have right in the city centre for hungry office workers who fancy a delicious lunch with a twist – I have to give it an A-plus.