Sunday Lunch: Masterchef, Totley.

Masterchef: Roast beef
Masterchef: Roast beef
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AT Masterchef, Totley, all the food is home made, an ethos Matthew Holdsworth, son of the founder John, fully believes in.

“It’s proper cooking. We do it all ourselves and that’s not something as common now, especially in pubs,” he says.

The Sunday lunch menu, at £9.95 for two courses, £12.95 for three, has two choices for each course, writes Martin Dawes.

Starters are simple and tasty such as warming root vegetable soup, smoked salmon with sour cream and spring onion on crostinis.

Main course is traditional roasts with a delicious rare beef option followed by sweets like parkin and custard and a white chocolate panna cotta, served in an espresso cup.

Masterchef is open seven days a week with a fortnightly Friday bistro and the Sunday lunch is excellent value, particularly as it is BYO wine with no corkage charge.

* Masterchef,185 Baslow Road, Totley S17 4DT.

* Tel: 0014 235 0884.

* Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat until 4pm, Sun 10am-3pm.

* Web: