Simplistic meals that hit the spot

Firth Park Cafe
Firth Park Cafe
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Is there a park in Firth Park? To half of Sheffield that is a stupid question and to the other half, it is surprisingly genuine.

You see when you tell people you are taking the family to Firth Park for an afternoon they are all too often genuinely surprised.

Firth Park Cafe

Firth Park Cafe

Which means they obviously don’t know that Sheffield’s first park is also home to an amazingly understated cafe. Or that you can buy a piece of wonderfully satisfying, homemade cake for just £1.

The type of cake that makes you smile inside when you realise it tastes just as good as it looks.

I asked my own stupid question when I questioned why such delicious cake cost such a tantalising price ... this is an area with no spare money so they charge what people can afford.

Henry’s Cafe is housed in Firth Park’s Children’s Centre and just a few seconds walk from the play area.

My son loved what he named the ‘corkscrew’ feature – one of a few pieces of play equipment that we haven’t found in any other Sheffield park.

All the youngsters loved the enormous size of the park and exploring its artworks and historical features.

But back to the cafe.

With it being a hot day I opted for the cheese and onion quiche with salad.

Homemade, of course, it was simple, wholesome cooking that hit the spot.

That is what you get at Henry’s Cafe... exactly what you ask for without fuss.

Classic food that all the family can enjoy without breaking the bank.

We also ordered a crabstick salad sandwich (£2.40) which included very generous filling on a white bread roll – freshly made and delicious.

The tuna and cheese panini also proved a hit and cost £2.50 – the kids didn’t fancy side salad which would have added on 50p.

The staff are lovely. They take time out to chat to the children and make you feel as if nothing could be too much trouble.

Even after all three of us had ordered a drink I still had change from a tenner.

Friday’s hot lunch special is meat and potato pie served with mushy peas and gravy for £3.75.

Now that’s about the only thing that would make me swap this heatwave for your average rainy Sheffield summer.