Serving up childhood memories

Pictured at Uncle Sam's restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Seen is one of Uncle Sam's burgers.
Pictured at Uncle Sam's restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Seen is one of Uncle Sam's burgers.
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Cheese sauce, milk shakes and that train - most people who grew up in Sheffield must share similar memories of Uncle Sam’s.

It has offered all American treats to generations of families and, as I discovered when I walked through the door, has changed little.

To my delight - and the children’s I suppose I should mention - that train still makes it way round above your head as you eat.

We started off with nachos supreme (£5.80) and after an afternoon playing basketball the children were pleased that they proved to live up to their name.

They were supremely tasty ... topped with cheese and jalapenos, chilli, sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

We also shared a very generous portion of chicken wings (£4.20) and, although they came with a little bowl of barbecue sauce, their own coating was too delicious to add anything else.

There are several options when it comes to children’s meals and we opted for chicken boulders (£4) which come with fries and baked beans.

If you are going to eat at Uncle Sam’s you have to try his special burger (£8.70) which comes with the famous cheese sauce, bacon and salad as well as a small mountain of fries.

The portions are really generous - even though we’d gone for the 115g burger rather than 230g - and none of us managed to clear our plates despite it all tasting really good.

However, the kitchen kindly packed up the leftovers for us to take home in a ‘doggy bag’.

Strangely enough the younger members of the family suddenly managed to find room for pudding just a couple of minutes later.

They shared a banana split - definitely one of the largest I’ve ever seen despite the waitress describing it as ‘fairly big’.

Their eyes lit up the moment they spotted it and the marshmallows, chopped nuts and sprinkles which accompanied it.

It was more than enough for all three children to share. However, I did refuse to fall for their claims that the piles of cream and ice-cream couldn’t be too bad because they were also eating fruit!

We left very full but also very happy.

Uncle Sam’s is designed with children in mind, it has a lovely family atmosphere and even at 30-something still holds that childhood magic for me.