Red Ruby a little gem plucked from the ether

Red Ruby chinese, Hangingwater Road, Nether Green.
Red Ruby chinese, Hangingwater Road, Nether Green.
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WHAT did we do before the internet?

It’s Friday night, it’s pouring down, there’s nothing in the fridge, and we’re starving.

A month’s worth of rain is falling on to the street outside and there’s no way either of us wants to walk down to the shops.

So we fire up the computer and search for takeaways in our area.

It’s a gold mine – there are 106 institutions ready to deliver hot food to our door at the click of a button.

This is a revelation. We have never heard of most of these establishments, stuck in our ways, going back to the same old favourites within striking distance of our house.

A whole new world of cheap and easy eating is revealed – from Caribbean to Lebanese, Bengali to Mexican, Nigerian to Texan.

After much browsing, we decide on Red Ruby, a Chinese and Thai joint in leafy Nether Green.

We’ve never been up that way, so wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for the wonders of online ordering.

You can choose your food options from an online menu, pay by credit card and send your order into the ether. But this is a step too far for me – I like to have a little human contact to know my food is being produced by a real person.

So once we have chosen our food from the vast digital menu, I pick up the phone and call through the order to a very polite woman at Red Ruby.

Twenty minutes later there’s a knock on the door, and a soaking wet man hands over a bag of steaming food.

It’s delicious: we start with crispy prawn crackers and excellent salt and pepper chicken.

For the main course we dig into crispy shredded beef with chilli, beef with black peppercorn sauce and fried tofu with honey and chilli sauce.

The meat courses are fantastic – wonderfully flavoured and expertly cooked.But the tofu, as is often the case, is a little disappointing – soggy, rather than crispy.

All in all a great meal, with plenty left over for the next day. Lucky really, because although the rain has stopped, we still haven’t made it to the shops.

Address: Red Ruby, Hangingwater Road, Nether Green, Sheffield.

Tel: 0114 230 4042.


Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 5.30pm-11pm; Friday/Saturday 5pm-11pm.

Parking: On street.

Service: Polite and fast.

Delivery service: Yes.

Range of menu: Extensive – Thai and Chinese.

How much did it cost? £21 for two – but we had loads of leftovers.

Verdict: Good food, very quick delivery – just steer clear of the tofu.