Is this the best Thai restaurant in Sheffield? 

Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield
Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield

Its floral frontage and glistening interior do much to tempt people in to this colourful Ecclesall eatery.

Then once you actually step inside Patoo Thai, you become enveloped by sumptuous warmth, a totally relaxed atmosphere and comfortable seating.

Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield

Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield

Greetings with smiles from charming staff members add to the pleasurable experience, and the service continues to impress, with every degree of helpfulness extended to us by our waitress,Wilaiwan Wathall, who has been there for two years.

Tables are set beautifully, lighting and music are mellow, and a dish of slightly spicy crackers are set down almost immediately, with dips, to enjoy with drinks.

Plenty of variety on the menu, but we opted for the set vegetarian fare, with a platter of mixed starter dishes and three mains with different rice accompaniments, for £20.50 per person.

One of the set mains included cashew nuts, and I have an allergy to tree nuts, but we were able to change that option to another we selected with no issue at all.

Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield

Patoo Thai on Ecclesall road in Sheffield

Patoo Thai opened eight years ago and is clearly doing well, opening seven days a week with a value lunchtime option I would like to try.

Several tables were taken on the Thursday evening of our visit, and every meal carried by our table looked appetising and attractive.

Our starters comprised Satay Jay, Por Pia, Phak tord, and Tord Mun Khao Phod. Mostly encased in a light, crispy batter, and delicately flavoured, they included green vegetables, chewy but really satisfying sweetcorn cobs, and tasty skewers. All very enjoyable, with scented finger bowls provided.

For mains, we devoured sweet and sour bean curd and vegetables, a green curry of seasonal vegetables that was quite hot, and our choice of tofu pad kraprao, which was tofu stir-fried with fresh Thai holy basil leaves and Thai chilli.

The sweet and sour was delicious, and a great contrast to the curry which kept its flavour within its heat. Our stir-fried tofu was exceptional too.

We washed it all down with glasses of white and rose house wine, both very acceptable. We were full by the end of the meal but not feeling bloated, as Thai food is light and fragrant but satisfying.

Owner Mrs Jariya said that Thai herbs and some vegetables are delivered weekly to her chefs who are all Thai, with ‘five-star’ experience. Our bill, including wine, totalled £52.45 for an all-round lovely evening.