High praise for Sheffield pubs

Kelham Island Tavern celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
Kelham Island Tavern celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
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Raise a glass for Sheffield – which has been named the beer capital of Britain by the New York Times.

Real ale pubs including The Kelham Island Tavern, Fat Cat and Devonshire Cat have ensured the Steel City has gained an international reputation for its premier pints.

The Fat Cat

The Fat Cat

The New York Times’ ‘Where to Go 2014’ article placed Yorkshire at number 22 in a list of places to visit this year. The piece recommends Sheffield to visitors as Britain’s beer capital.

Prolific beer blogger Adrian Tierney Jones, who sings the praises of Sheffield in an online article, is also quoted in the newspaper.

“Arrive by train in Sheffield and its current credential as the best place to guzzle beer in the UK is immediately announced on Platform 1,” he wrote.

“The Sheffield Tap is an inspirational introduction to the seriousness with which folk hereabouts treat their beer. For the moment the beer crown sits easily on the head of Sheffield’s beer god.”

In the Great Yorkshire Beer guide book – also mentioned in the New York Times – Sheffield is described as having’ ‘the right mix of traditional, long-standing pubs – that remain fiercely independent – and buzzy, modern bars and gastropubs”.

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