Get the Abbey habit for a traditional tea

Abbey Friar, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
Abbey Friar, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
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THE BEAUTY of fish and chips is in its simplicity.

But like all (good) simple things, a good chippy tea is hard to come by.

There are countless chippies in South Yorkshire that will leave your stomach feeling like it’s had a run-in with a chip pan.

Fat-laden chips, smelly fish and insipid peas do not whet one’s appetite.

But at Abbey Friar fish and chips is exactly as it ought to be - a deliciously filling British institution.

The fish is tender, fresh and flakes away when you cut it.

Batter is soft and the chips are just about naughty enough to be tasty but not swimming in grease.

The sausages - the same as those available from any other chippy - add an interesting touch to an otherwise conventional fish and chip meal.

Portions are extremely generous at Abbey Friar, though smaller portions are available for those who may be daunted by the enormous cods on show.

Staff are approachable and talkative and the shop itself is immaculate - a mass of gleaming steel.

Parking’s easy too - there are bays right outside the shop and, if they’re full, there are plenty of spaces on the adjacent road.

So what’s the catch, as we fish connoisseurs say?

Well, Abbey Friar isn’t cheap - a full chippy meal for two (complete with two large sausages) will set you back about £12.

But it is worth it.

And a testament to this is the fact the shop is usually packed-out with customers (there is even a bar acting as a queue partition).

After a long day, when the last thing you want to do is start cooking, there really is nothing like a good chippy and a cup of tea.

Next time you’re feeling lazy at the end of the day make a detour via Abbey Friar on Abbeydale Road.

n Venue: The Abbey Friar, 986 Abbeydale Road

n Tel: 0114 235 0406.

n Parking: extremely easy, there are spaces outside the shop.

n Waiting time: about five minutes.

n Atmosphere: the staff are always incredibly friendly and chatty. The shop’s immaculately-kept work surfaces inspire much confidence for those of us who are clean-freaks.

n What we had: two fish, chips and mushy peas

n How did it taste: fresh, filling and deliciously appetising.

n Cost: not the cheapest of chippies but worth the money. Fish, chips, two jumbo sausages and peas will set you back about £12.

n Verdict: eight and a half out of ten - beautiful simplicity.