Food review: No going back on KFC experience

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It all started so well. A very friendly member of staff held the first door for us and then rushed to help one of the children as they struggled to pull the second open.

He greeted us warmly and even stuck out his tongue to make the smallest member of our family feel at home.

After that though it all went horribly downhill.

I never expect much from fast food places but because we visit so rarely, the kids think they are a treat.

Unfortunately, the excitement at visiting KFC had vanished by the time we left.

I put them in control of what they ordered and popcorn chicken came out as clear favourite. We ordered one kids’ meal which costs £3.44 including the popcorn chicken and fries.

I was pleased that we could get a relatively healthy portion of baked beans, a yoghurt and bottle of Tropicana in with it too.

In the face of a fried chicken fest I decided to order a salad.

It would have cost as close to a fiver as you can get and I was keen to see what a KFC salad involves but it wasn’t to be.

They didn’t have any salad I was politely informed.

How quickly I ditched the thought of healthy eating after that, although to be fair there is nothing else on the menu that could even try and sneak into that category.

I went for a Cajun Boxmaster Meal (£5.09) which is a wrap crammed with chicken, a hash brown, cheese, sauces and salad bits.

OK is about as far as I’d go.

I’d ordered a cappuccino which was included in the cost of the meal.

It was a very strong tasting coffee with a bit of foam on top which looked more like it was made from bubble bath than milk.

We also tried a boneless meal (£5.69) which comes with several pieces of chicken, fries, a side helping of popcorn chicken and fries.

How was it, I asked.

So far it is boneless, was the answer from teenager Jordan.

She left most of the meat which was far too salty and hardly resembled chicken at all. Apparently, the coleslaw wasn’t too bad but she didn’t eat much of it.

The kids declared they didn’t want to go back to KFC again as we left. Sorry Colonel, but I have to agree.

My star ratings out of five:

Food *

Atmosphere *

Service ***

Value *

Where and when:

KFC Queen’s Road, Sheffield, S2 4DL, Tel. 01142 766677 Open 11am to 11pm everyday