‘Egg-stra’ careful tips for Easter

Great choice: Easter eggs
Great choice: Easter eggs
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AN Egg-straordinary 90 million chocolate eggs will be sold in the UK by Sunday.

This year, the choice is greater than ever - some 45 per cent more Easter chocolate goodies are around to tempt us than there were in 2012 than the year before.

Chocaholics are rejoicing, but health watchdogs are warning it’s all too easy to over-indulge.

A typical egg contains around 1,000 calories – over half a child’s calorie intake for the day, warn Heart Research UK.

“Chocolate is a concentrated source of fat, saturated fat, sugar and calories. All this could spell trouble for our waistlines and cholesterol levels,” says the charity which works to prevent heart disease and help people to live healthier, longer lives.

“But there are ways to have an Easter egg-stravagance without forgetting a heart-healthy lifestyle,” say the charity’s dieticians.

Take “egg-stra” care of your family’s health by curbing the over-indulging and following with these Easter ideas...

Check the labels for how much extra sugar and fat is in each egg.

Choose dark chocolate with 80 per cent cocoa solids wherever you can as it’s high in antioxidants that can help protect your arteries.

Mini eggs: give smaller Easter eggs to children and encourage them to have an egg each day of the holidays rather than gulping them all down in one go.

Give an Easter basket of berries and tropical fruit, a garden or house plant, outdoor toys like skipping ropes or hula hoops instead of chocolate eggs.

Use the money that you would have spent on chocolate to pay for a family day out.

Melt chocolate eggs down and use them as a dip. Skewer pieces of apple, pear, pineapple, strawberry and blueberry and encourage the kids to dip in.

Real eggs are a great source of protein, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Hard boil, decorate and hide them in the garden so there’s plenty of running around to find them.

Mash eggs with low-fat mayonnaise, cress and slices of cucumber on wholegrain bread, pack a picnic and go for an Easter walk.