Chatsworth to do it in style

A royal setting: Chatsworth is all set for its Diamond Jubilee street party
A royal setting: Chatsworth is all set for its Diamond Jubilee street party
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Raid those trunks in the

attic and pack a picnic hamper.

Chatsworth will be hosting a 1950s-style giant Diamond Jubilee street party in the garden this weekend and visitors are encouraged to turn up in vintage dress.

Celebrations from June 2-5 will echo those that would have taken place for the Queen’s Coronation 60 years ago.

A 100 metre-long table in the garden is being dressed with flags, bunting and balloons for visitors to picnic at and traditional village fete games are planned.

A large screen on Salisbury Lawn will show the Jubilee procession on June 5 and special walking tours of the garden will highlight the royal links with Chatsworth, including the visit of 13-year-old Princess Victoria in 1832.

In the house, the robes worn by four generations of the Cavendish family at the Queen’s Coronation will be on show. The celebrations continue in the bunting-decked farmyard with jubilee-themed crafts and fancy dress and on Lodge Hill on June 3 there’s a Rolls Royce car display.

Organising your own street party? Hillsborough children’s party planner Rachel Belfield, of Mind Apart Theatre Company, says:

Do the food yourself. Don’t be tempted to buy shop-bought versions of things that you can easily make. Home-made is much cheaper.

Healthy food can be fun. Try to avoid crisps and cut up locally-sourced fruit and vegetables as healthy snacks.

Play with colour – use slices of yellow and red peppers, cherry tomatoes or watermelon.

Keep any special dietary requirements in mind. Make sure there are vegetarian options or nut-free snacks.

Don’t overfill sandwiches or serve greasy, sticky or messy food.

Get the kids to help you make party rice crispy cakes and flapjacks. It will be fun and it’s a good way to share the load.

Keep mess to a minimum. Present party food in individual boxes so there’s no need for plates or cutlery and use disposable table cloths.

Remember food safety. Keep all cold food in the fridge until serving and make sure hot food is cooked through.