Catching quality with local food and talents

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There can’t be anything tastier than delicious dishes which give something back to the city in which they are made.

We visited Butcher and Catch on a Tuesday evening and had expected it to be fairly quiet.

However, this is no well kept secret - it is busy nomatter what the day.

There are a scattering of dishes I’d never come across before - bacon candy and poppin’ pig to name a couple.

After a long day in the office we opted for halloumi fries (£4) from the ‘nibbles’ options while we picked our dishes. Perfectly cooked, looking good and great brain food when pondering an expansive menu.

For starters I had gin cured Scottish sea trout (£7). It was beautifully presented and delicious.

My husband went for beer and scotch bonnet chilli wings (£7 for six wings). They certainly didn’t disappoint on the heat scale ... not for the faint-hearted.

There are three options when it comes to platters and sharing. We went for block and tackle. The price is towards the top end at £40 but you get a hefty amount of food to try. It includes lamb kofta, cured sea trout, beef and chilli flank steak kebab, fried oyster, buttermilk chicken wings, friend squid, Moss Valley pork ribs, whitebait, chippy chips and summer slaw.

I have never tried a fried oyster before but I’m always up for something new. They were interesting, although nothing like what you imagine when you have oysters. A great way to try for the first time if you’ve never been brave enough before. The ribs were particular good, although you would expect nothing less from Moss Valley and the combination of so many dishes was a great introduction to the whole ethos of the restaurant.

I’m not sure how we fitted in desserts but we did! I couldn’t resist the Yorkshire Cheese Board with a glass of port (£10). It made me think of my grandpa and just how much he would have loved feasting on locally made cheese. My husband had lemon curd, thyme and poppyseed sponge (£5). The ice cream was, of course, Our Cow Molly’s and helped carry off a cake which was very flavourful but a little bit dry.

If you fancy wowing somebody with the edible things we create in Sheffield, this is a great place to visit. The costs reflect the quality but it is worth treating yourself, with the extra warm feeling that you’re supporting our farmers and our economy.

You have to wish this lovely little Sheffield business every success. They deserve it.