EXCLUSIVE: How I lost SEVEN STONES on 5,500 calories a day, reveals Arena bound strongman Terry Hollands

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IF you signed up to the post Christmas 'New Year, New You' mantra and are looking to lose weight - take a look at strongman Terry Hollands who lost an incredible SEVEN STONES on 5,500 calories a day.

The athlete, now a slimmed down but still super human 24.5 stone, will compete to lift the title of Britain's Strongest Man at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena on Saturday, January 19.

And today he gave some uplifting advice on how you too can lose weight.

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But before you banish carbs and begin a gruelling January detox, Terry’s advice for shedding the festive weight gain may offer a less drastic approach.

Although Terry initially cut his daily calorie intake from a whopping 8,000-9,000 calories a day to a (let’s face it, still huge) 5,500 calories a day, he insists the real secret to his dramatic weight loss wasn’t a radical diet overhaul.

Instead, the nine times World’s Strongest Man finalist puts his transformation down to simple lifestyle changes and says it all comes down to how many calories you eat a day.

Terry stopped eating ‘bad’ foods and drinking alcohol. With those two small changes, reducing his calorie intake, the weight began to drop off.

He was suddenly able to take pleasure in things he was unable to do before – enjoying walks with his girlfriend, going on days out and running around with his son. This gave him all the motivation he needed to continue.

He said: “I wanted to be healthier... I was far too heavy for everyday life.

“As I lost weight, I could go out for walks with my girlfriend, Kate. When I was at my biggest I would never have done something like that because it was too uncomfortable”.

Terry’s biggest tip for those wanting to trim down in the New Year?

Rather than chasing fad diets and eliminating entire food groups, Terry advocates a well-rounded, individualised approach.

“It all comes down to how many calories you eat a day and figuring out what that number is for you. Anything you can do with slow, steady progress is going to be much healthier for your body than losing weight too quickly.”

The new leaner Terry has proved he is still capable of the superhuman strength he is known for.

Strongman Terry Hollands before and after losing STEVEN STONES

Strongman Terry Hollands before and after losing STEVEN STONES

He has remained competitive on the World Strongman scene, scoring third place at Britain’s Strongest Man 2018 - and is gunning for another podium spot at this year’s competition which at Fly DSA Arena later this month.

He said: “I’m still a 24.5 stone man! There’s no reason why I still can’t be competitive and I’m heading into Britain’s Strongest Man feeling stronger and fitter than ever!”

An awesome line-up of 13 British heavyweights - a mix of iconic veterans and new stars - are ready to hoist stones, throw kegs, carry cars and lift heavy metal in a bid to become Britain's Strongest Man.

The line-up is set to include Laurence Shahlaei, after his third Britain's Strongest Man title and Graham Hicks, wanting a much deserved overdue win.

Fifty two-year-old Mark Felix aims to shock everyone and become the oldest ever Britain's Strongest Man, while four times Scotland's strongest man Luke 'The Highland Oak' Stoltman and his brother, Tom, also have eyes on the trophy.

So do Sheffield's own men of steel Paul Smith and Phil Roberts.

Britain's Strongest Man at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena Saturday, January 19, 2019

Britain's Strongest Man at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena Saturday, January 19, 2019

Others taking part this year - line up subject to injuries and change - include Surrey's Adam Bishop, who took third at the recent Wolrld's Strongest Man qualifiers in Manchester, Ben 'Badger' Brunning, Michael 'The Bull' Downey, Aaron Page and Mark Steele.

World's Strongest Man 2017 Eddie Hall, the 30-year-old, 6ft 3ins gentle giant and public face of strongman, admits he was tempted to come out of retirement in a bid to win Britain's Strongest Man for what would have been the sixth time. But he will be there as a pundit and to meet fans for photos and signings.

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Terry Hollands

Terry Hollands