Circus performers are in the frame

ROLL UP, roll up!

A unique photography exhibition opens in Sheffield next week showcasing original pictures of circus performers set against city landscapes.

Photographer Barry Payling teamed up with performers from the Greentop Circus Centre in Brightside to create the exhibition.

His photos show performers in traditional circus stances and clothing, posed away from their traditional Big Top setting.

As part of the exhibition, funded by the Arts Council, there will also be live circus performances by the featured artists.

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    The exhibition opens at the Greentop Circus Centre, St Thomas Church, Brightside, on Saturday September 29 from 12noon to 2pm.

    It will also visit the Central Library in Sheffield, and at Wath Library and Rotherham Arts Centre. Log on to

    n Bobby Roberts' Super Circus is on its way to Sheffield, at Don Valley Grass Bowl from next Wednesday until Sunday September 30.

    The action-packed show will feature glamorous dancers, acrobats, skipping experts, a strongman, clumsy clowns and a high speed juggler.

    There will also be some animals, including the Arabian Stallion Horses and circus dogs, and customers - who can inspect the animals' award-winning living quarters backstage for a fee - can have their photo taken with circus elephant Anne who has now retired from performing but has been with the show for over 50 years.

    Performances will take place at 5pm and 7.30pm from Wednesday to Friday, 2.30pm and 5pm on Saturday, and at 2.30pm on Sunday. Log on to for half-price tickets from 6. The circus box office opens at Coleridge Road on Monday.

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